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Any stumbling block is a good time for spontaneous practice

Spontaneous practice doesn’t always have to be planned. Almost any issue that they team is trying to solve can be the inspiration for an impromptu spontaneous exercise (See how Odyssey skills can help your kids for the rest of their lives?)

Feel free to do the same exercise more than once if the team’s first idea didn’t work.

For example:

  • The team is having a hard time getting two pieces to stay together: Look around this room/house. List things that can be used to connect one thing to another. (Duct tape now becomes only one option!)
  • The problem requirements include a reference to art, literature, or point in history: List places you can get information about [whatever]. There should be more items on the list than “Google it.”
  • The team’s first attempt at building a prop was unsuccessful: List all the ways you can build a [whatever]. What materials could be used to build it?
  • The vehicle won’t move when a team member is riding on it: List ways you can propel an object weighing more than 50 pounds.

Remember, although coaches and parents can play along with their kids for most spontaneous practices, if the topic is directly related to the long term problem or solution, the adults need to step back.

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