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Team Member Roles and Jobs

If your team can handle it, you might consider having them decide on roles for aspects of reaching the tournament. Here are ‘job’ descriptions for some important roles:


  • reads the Program guide cover to cover.

  • doesn’t know everything but knows where to look!

QUIZ: What is the definition of a PROP? This is the one time you don’t use a dictionary! Use the Program Guide GLOSSARY. Many teams lose points because they did not use the Odyssey definition of this and many other words (see Touch/Touching).

SCORE Expert:

  • ensures that the team works on the areas where they will get maximum score

  • fills out the Style form to ensure max. points

QUIZ: How much is the membership sign worth?

RULES Expert

  • knows the rules (including Region 9-specific rules) and makes sure that the team abides by them

  • constantly asks the team: “The rule says…what do you think we can do to be different/get a higher score/support our style theme?”

QUIZ: Can a team take a toolbox (to fix anything that might have broken in transit) into the staging area?


  • monitors to see clarifications for the team’s long-term problem

  • reports to the team and let them decide if any of the clarifications apply to the solution they are working on

  • writes CCI for private clarifications if the team’s question meets the rules for private clarifications

COST Expert

  • knows all about assigning value to the solution, including what items are exempt from cost and what items have assigned values in the Program Guide

  • keeps a log of expenditures (with receipts)

  • fills out the Materials Cost form

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