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Prohibited substances

The Program Guide lists several items that are prohibited at tournaments. In addition, each Region may have its own list of prohibited substances. The reason for these prohibitions is almost always concern for safety of team members and observers or the tournament location.

As a coach, you should direct your team’s attention to the list of prohibited items in the Program Guide or the region’s web site if you see that they are about to violate the rules.

Among others, these substances are not allowed at Odyssey tournaments:

  • Helium balloons that are not tethered or weighted down

  • Dry ice

  • Items that leave a residue (some types of fire extinguishers and fog machines)

  • Flammable fuels and fires in any form, including candles and sparklers, smoke bombs, etc.

  • Liquids that can stain or damage the floor

  • Weapons or items that closely resemble weapons

  • Batteries that are: unsealed or use lead acid, zinc-air, zinc-mercury, silver zinc, or metal chloride

In Nova North (Region 9), teams may not use any materials that will result in chemical reactions such as cola and Mentos. The full region rules are posted in the Odyssey of the Mind Information box on the right side of the website.

Damage to the floor is subject to a penalty, whether intentional or not. Most floor damage comes from dragging props to and from the staging area and into the performance area. Encourage your team to pick up items, or, if necessary, to put felt or a similar material, or wheels, on any items they cannot lift off the ground. Be aware that YOUR TEAM must pay for any necessary repairs!

Note: This is not meant to be a replacement to the Program Guide. Teams should refer to the Program Guide for the actual wording of all rules applying to their solution and the tournament.

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