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2024 Registered Teams

Please see below the list of teams that have officially registered for the 2024 NoVA North & South Regional Tournament. If you have any questions regarding your registration or the tournament, please contact our Tournament Director. More information will be posted on the Regional Tournament event page as it becomes available.

You can click the headers of each column to sort the table in alphabetical or reverse order. You can also use the search field below to filter the entries based on what you type.

Note: Registration information is updated manually, so you will not see your team listed here immediately after you register; please allow a few days. Payment information is updated separately from registration information, so even if you pay online at the time of registration, there may be a delay between when you see your team listed here and when you see the Paid column updated. The registration fee can be paid online or by mailing a check. Click here for payment details or to pay online.

UPDATED 1/24/2024

School/OrganizationMembership #Region #ProblemDivisionCoachTeam ID#Paid?
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH B503409Rocking World Detour1Yip2Yes
WAPLES MILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL273199Rocking World Detour1Tan3
MCNAIR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3681312Rocking World Detour1Padgela4Yes
OAK HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3148612Rocking World Detour1Kannekanti6Yes
WESTBRIAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL421459Drive-in Movie1Dulaney7Yes
FORESTVILLE ELEMENTARY SCH256499Opening Night Antics1Gussman8Yes
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH A306429Opening Night Antics1Jagannathan10Yes
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH A306429Rocking World Detour1Jagannathan11Yes
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH A306429Drive-in Movie1Jagannathan12Yes
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH A306429AI Tech-No-Art1Jagannathan13Yes
POWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3973012Rocking World Detour1Savdharia14Yes
OAK HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3148612Opening Night Antics1Nagargadde15Yes
MCNAIR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3681312Opening Night Antics1Clarke18Yes
OAK HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3148612The Night LifePrimaryOng19Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412The Night LifePrimarySchanzer21Yes
SPRING HILL ELEMENTARY SCH B503409Deep Space Structure1Dey22Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412The Night LifePrimaryPhung23Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Rocking World Detour1Marsh24Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL B3227912Rocking World Detour1Iovito25Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Deep Space Structure1Cook26Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL C4515112Rocking World Detour1Aromando27Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Opening Night Antics1Miller28Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL D4515212Rocking World Detour1Baroang29Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL E4515312Rocking World Detour1Lange30Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL F4515412Rocking World Detour1Smith32Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Drive-in Movie2Healy33Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Rocking World Detour2Nguyen34Yes
SANGSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A2918412Deep Space Structure2Griffith35Yes
HOLY TRINITY HOME SCHOOL4384912Opening Night Antics2Balint37Yes
POWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3973012Opening Night Antics2Savdharia39Yes
MCNAIR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3681312The Night LifePrimaryJayapaul41
MCNAIR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3681312AI Tech-No-Art1Faraday42Yes
POWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL3973012Opening Night Antics1Savdharia43Yes
MARSHALL ROAD ELE SCH322299Rocking World Detour1Hexel45Yes
MARSHALL ROAD ELE SCH322299The Night LifePrimaryHexel47Yes
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL66109Deep Space Structure1Xu51Yes
HAYCOCK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL66109Opening Night Antics2Sha53

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