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Getting Ready for the Tournament

It is almost time for the Regional tournament. You can’t help the team finish its long-term solution, but there is still plenty for you to do.

Confirm with your team’s designated judge and tournament helper volunteer

The tournament requires nearly 400 volunteers to run smoothly and for all teams to be judged fairly.

  • Make sure your tournament helper and your team’s judge know when and where to report and remind them that parking is a challenge. We recommend that they be dropped off at the site to be sure they will be on time.

  • If your team’s judge is not available, contact the Board’s Judge Coordinator as soon as possible.

  • If your tournament helper is unavailable, find a substitute; these positions do not require training and can be replaced without notifying the Board. Teams may be penalized with an Unsportsmanlike Behavior penalty if they do not provide a volunteer to help with tournament logistics.

Help your team with last minute preparations

  • Make sure everyone has a ride to the tournament. Parents may not want to get there as early as your team, so carpools should be arranged.

  • Make sure you know how you are getting props and sets to the tournament. Most teams pack the car(s) the night before. Don’t forget to pack the team paperwork and the long-term repair kit (if your team created one).

  • Work with your school coordinator to set up a school-wide dress rehearsal where the team can show off their skit to teachers while getting some in-front-of-an-audience experience. This is also a great way to make sure you know how you will load your car and your team knows how to reassemble a prop or set.

Motivation and mental preparation

  • Practice spontaneous.

  • Remind your team about the fun they had during the season. De-emphasize the competitive aspects of the tournament and stress that this is a chance for them to demonstrate what they have accomplished.

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