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Regional Tournament Registration


If you have any concerns, please contact our Tournament Director.

First read through this entire page and then click the link at the bottom to register.

Before you begin the registration process, you MUST have all of the information listed below. Otherwise, you will be forced to start the entire process over.

If you enter something incorrectly and need to move backward in the registration to correct it, you will need to re-enter all of the information from that point forward. Once you begin the registration process, we recommend that you check everything carefully to avoid the need to restart.

The tournament registration fee is $90.00; it can be paid online or by mailing a check.  You will be directed to the payment page after you have registered.

Tournament registration closes Monday, January 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST.  If you are having trouble finding a judge, see this FAQ  or contact the judges coordinator.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the tournament director.

Please take a few minutes to read through this entire page and verify that you have everything you need before clicking the link at the bottom to begin registration:

  1. School or organization that the team is representing
    1. We update the membership names in the registration drop-down menu as new memberships are processed by CCI. Your school must be listed in the drop-down before you can continue with the tournament registration process. If you have already purchased a membership with CCI, but do not see your school listed on our Registered Schools page, please contact our Regional Director.   Note: some schools are named after people using both first and last name (e.g. Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Rachel Carson) and are often referred to by the last name only; if you can’t find a school by the last name only, check using the first name (and vice versa).
  2. The first name, last name, and ID number for the all-day judge representing your team
      1. Your team MUST provide a judge to compete in the tournament.  This person must register as a judge and will be assigned a registration ID number.  Make sure you verify with your judge exactly how they entered their first and last names when registering for training. If the names are not a perfect match, the judge will not be found in our database. Capitalization does not matter, but spelling does! So if there is a typo, enter it as is; it can be corrected later.
  3. The first name, last name, home address, daytime phone, evening phone, mobile phone, and email address of the team’s coach
    1. If the coach does not have a mobile phone, the daytime phone can be used.
    2. We are also asking for a mobile phone number that can receive text messages should a tournament issue arise.  This does not need to be the coach’s phone.  This will only be used in the event of an emergency or urgent update near or on tournament day. Text messaging rates may apply.  This is not yet on the form, so we request that you specify it in the message field on page 8 of the registration form.  You could also email the cell phone number to the  webmaster (please include the team number assigned when you complete registration).  If this is not provided, expect to receive a request for this information.
  4. The first name, last name, daytime phone, evening phone, mobile phone, and email address of either the co-coach, assistant coach, or another alternate adult contact for the team
    1. You must provide contact information for an alternate adult in case there is an emergency and we cannot reach the coach.
    2. The contact information for the alternate adult MUST be different from the coach’s contact information.
    3. If the alternate adult does not have a mobile phone, the daytime phone can be used.
  5. The first name, last name, and grade level for each member of the team
    1. Make sure you have the correct grade level for each team member as this information determines the team’s division.
    2. All teams are limited to seven team members.
  6. The problem in which the team will be competing
    1. It is imperative that you register the team in the correct problem, so please verify your information before proceeding. Once the tournament schedule has been created, it is extremely challenging to modify, and we may not be able to take any other conflicts into account.
    2. Although it is not required, we encourage all Primary teams to take part in the Spontaneous aspect of the competition.
  7. Any special scheduling conflicts (e.g., a student on two teams, a coach with two teams, a parent with multiple kids competing)
    1. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to address all conflicts, but we will take them into account when creating the schedule.
    2. If you will be referencing another team, make sure you have the school name, division, problem, and coach’s name of that team.

Special Reminders:

  • 2-hour volunteers do not have to register. The team will be assigned a time slot, and it is the responsibility of the coach to make sure that someone will fill that assignment.
  • New this year: The CCI membership name list includes the membership number, and if additional memberships have been purchased there will be separate entries for each one distinguished by A, B, etc. after the name.  If it is uncertain which one the team should be using, please contact the school coordinator.
  • If a school has more than one team that is doing the same problem in the same division and has not purchased an additional membership, the team should not finalize their required membership sign until the additional membership has been purchased and the new membership number is known or the Regional Tournament schedule has been posted in February.  The tournament schedule will designate the appropriate CCI membership number, usually 4-5 digits, and team letter for each team.
  • All teams will be given a 1- to 3-digit Regional Tournament Team ID at the end of the online tournament registration process. This number is only used for administration at our Regional Tournament and is NOT the number the team must include on their membership sign.
  • If your school receives Title I federal funding, please see our page with information for Title I schools.

Note: The email confirming the registration does not show the membership name and number as yet.  In the meantime, the correct information is available on the Regional Tournament Registration page.

Register here.

If you have already registered but have not paid yet, you can find the payment page here.

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