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Thinking about logistics

Is your team’s set starting to look like a ship inside a bottle? Are you getting concerned about how you will get the vehicle, backdrop, or props out of your basement? It is not too late to challenge your team to think creatively about the design of their props and sets in terms of getting them out of their workspace and to the tournament performing site.

  • Will the vehicle, prop or backdrop fit through a standard doorway? Teams should make sure that all parts of solution will fit through a doorway that measures 28″ x 78”.
  • Will the vehicle, prop, or backdrop fit into any of the family’s cars? If not, does someone have access to a truck?
  • If the answer to either of the previous questions is No, how could the vehicle, prop, or scenery be designed so it can be dismantled and put back together (by the team) at the tournament site?
  • Can the team lift and move all of the props themselves? Parents may help unload props and get them to the staging area, but the team needs to move everything themselves from that point through the end of their skit.
  • If the team needs to take the prop apart, do they have a plan for putting it back together? Remember that parents cannot help with this, so team members should practice taking the prop apart and putting it back together to make sure they have packed all the tools they need.
  • Is the prop sturdy enough to transport to the tournament site? What can the team do to make sure it survives the trip? Do they need to make it sturdier? This is especially something the team should think about if they are using large pieces of cardboard.
  • Do they need a packing crate to prevent the vehicle from breaking? If so, has the team asked for help before the last minute? (Making a packing crate is not considered to be outside assistance, but you don’t want to have to put it together the night before the tournament!)

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