Coordinating an Odyssey of the Mind program is a labor of love. It calls for organization and a strong commitment to the Odyssey of the Mind philosophy that considers every child involved to be a winner. Good organization up front will keep things running smoothly all year.

This web site explains the role of the coordinator and offers suggestions for running a program effectively. PLEASE realize that the job of a coordinator, while very important, does not require an inordinate amount of time, but it does require commitment.

Coordinators serve as a resource for teams, making sure that every coach and parent knows what to expect and when various items need to be completed. Mostly the job amounts to acquiring a school membership from the international Odyssey of the Mind organization, recruiting coaches, forming teams, distributing newsletters and other information, and ensuring that all of the school’s teams are registered on this website for the Regional Tournament by the deadline, usually in January.

Take some time to look through the information here, and if you have any questions, please contact our school coordinator liaisons.

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Starting Odyssey of the Mind at Your School

There is no one way to start an Odyssey program. Every school and school system has its own guidelines for clubs and organizations, its own degree of faculty involvement, and its own approach to Odyssey of the Mind. Some schools provide financial support, and some do not. In Northern Virginia, Odyssey of the Mind is operated …

How Memberships Work

A single Odyssey of the Mind membership allows multiple teams of up to seven members each to enter competition, according to the eligibility of the individual school or organization. For more information about Odyssey of the Mind memberships, read Chapter 2 of the Program Guide; a link to it is available on the Resources page. …

Odyssey of the Mind Information for 2022-2023

Sources of Information: Odyssey of the Mind / Creative Competitions, Inc. (International Organization) Please be sure to read the Program Guide (rules book)—link is at the top of the home page, under Teams. It is online and there is also a downloadable .pdf version. The Program Guide also provides information about coaching and forming …

10 Helpful Tips for Coordinators

Here are some things that are very helpful and will make your job as coordinator run very smoothly: Touch base with your coaches frequently, particularly with first-time coaches who may be less secure. It is important to head off small problems before they become big ones and to know how teams are progressing. Keep school …

Title I Schools

The NoVA North Regional Board and all Odyssey organizations are dedicated to ensuring the affordability of the program. Our goal is to make the Odyssey program available to all schools and students that want to participate. Moderate CCI membership and tournament registration fees, along with the cost limit of the long-term problems, are intended to …

Coordinator FAQs

Please review our list of frequently asked questions for school coordinators. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact our school coordinator liaisons.

Coordinator Resources

Here are a variety of resources that that can be very helpful for coordinators. Interest Meeting Resources Odyssey Information Flier Odyssey Signup Form   Educational Resources How Odyssey of the Mind Fulfills STEM Objectives 21st Century Skills through Odyssey of the Mind Learning and Innovation Skills

2024 Memberships

Please see below the list of schools and groups that have purchased a membership for the 2023-2024 season from the international Odyssey of the Mind organization (Creative Competitions, Inc.) and fall under NoVA North Regions 9 and 12. If you have already registered with CCI, it may take a couple weeks for the process to …