Apr 13 2017

State Tournament competitors for NoVA North

Congratulations and Good Luck to the 7 teams from Region 9 advancing to World Finals at Michigan State University!  The list of all the teams from our region that competed at the State Tournament can be found here.

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Apr 02 2017

2017 State Tournament Results

Results for the State Tournament are here.  The teams listed in bold type are eligible to go to World Finals.

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Mar 04 2017

2017 Regional Tournament Results

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed at our 2017 Regional Tournament! The final results for all problems are posted here. All first-place teams and second-place teams in Division 3 are invited to compete at the Virginia State Tournament in April.

We were proud to present several Ranatra Fusca Awards at the Closing Ceremonies. The full announcements for those awards have also been posted.

Thank you all for making this year’s tournament truly one to remember, and we look forward to seeing everyone back next year!

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Mar 04 2017

To: Anybody at the Regional Tournament

If you have pictures that can be displayed at the awards ceremony, please email them to secretary@novanorth.org.  Pictures of performances should be labeled with the problem.

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Mar 01 2017

Odyssey of the Coach: Week 21

Weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches:

Remember to Have Fun!

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