Coaches Training Deadline October 17

The deadline for Coaches Training registrations is this Wednesday, October 17.  Due to security restrictions we cannot accept walk-ins.

If you are a coach who can’t come on Saturday, someone else can register in your stead, but don’t delay!

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Update for the T-shirt Design Contest

The t-shirt contest requirements have been expanded to allow up to three colors; all other specifications remain the same.  This is not just for team members!  Coaches, parents, anyone can contribute a design.

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Spontaneous Kits At Coaches Training

Spontaneous Kits will be available first come, first served at Coaches Training on the 20th, $25 cash or check preferred, with any remaining kits sold by contacting the director.

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Odyssey of the Coach: Week 3

Weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches:

This week’s post is Parent Involvement.

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Odyssey of the Coach: Weeks 1 and 2

Once again, we are going to present our series of weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches.  For new coaches, we hope you will find these short articles helpful in your journey into coaching.  Returning coaches may find them useful as well.  Watch your email and check the NOVA North home page each Wednesday for the next article about coaching and managing your team.

Feel free to use the Contact Us link if you have questions about any of the information in the postings.

The first topic is Make good use of the time before teams solidify.

And this year there is a new item on that topic that always generates much discussion, so we are presenting Week 2 right away: “We can’t use that idea” – The In and Out of Outside Assistance.


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