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Required Tournament Forms

Teams must provide completed copies of the following required forms when they report to the check-in area of their long-term competition site. The versions of the forms linked below can be edited on a computer and then printed out for the tournament. The forms can also be printed blank and then filled in by hand, but only the space allotted can be used.  A video guide is available here.

Note that the Style Form and Team Required List Form are problem-specific, but the Cost Form and Outside Assistance Form are not.  The list below is for the 2017-2018 season and will be updated when the current season’s forms are available.  A generic Style Form is available here.

Remember that team members are required to complete these forms on their own. The only exceptions are for Division 1 and Primary teams, who can be helped by an adult, as long as the adult uses the team’s own words.

2017-2018 Season Required Forms:

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