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Dollars and Cents – Talk Money with Parents

It is a mistake to believe that the $125 maximum value for your team’s problem solution is the actual cost of the activity. Be sure to read about cost limits in the Program Guide and watch the Paperwork tutorial on the website.

Parents should understand the actual costs early in the process, and the coach and parents need to come to an agreement upfront how to fund the team.

Each team must pay a tournament registration fee. In our region, that amounts to about $15 per team member. In addition, most teams also spend some amount of money on supplies – whether new or from flea markets and thrift stores. If your team advances to the State tournament, there will be additional costs.

Assuming your team does not have an outside funding source, there are three basic models for funding the team:

  • Collect money up-front and keep a budget. Use any remaining money for an end-of-season party or refund the excess to the families.

  • Have parents who purchase supplies submit receipts and reconcile expenses at the end of the season so the costs are split evenly.

  • Generate funds through donations, car washes, bake sales, and other activities.

Regardless of how you choose to handle this, it is best to have a clear understanding at the beginning of the season. You may find it helpful to designate a team parent to serve as treasurer to make sure costs are allocated fairly at the end of the season.

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