Update For World Finals

At noon today, CCI has announced that 2020 World Finals will be held virtually and that all teams may participate.  Registration and guidelines will be posted next Wednesday 4/1/20, so please check back then at Odyssey of the Mind.

Thanks very much to everyone who has worked so hard to get to this point.  Stay positive and be creative!

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A Message from Odyssey of the Mind

Hi Folks,

We are doing our best to get activities online through both our website and social media to help our families to keep thinking creatively. Folks have a lot of time on their hands and we want to get them involved in various fun projects where they can learn and explore.  We put together a page of at-home learning resources on our website: https://www.odysseyofthemind.com/creative-problem-solving-resources/.  It is linked directly on our homepage.

Our new sponsor Arm & Hammer has asked us to please tag them (@armandhammer).  They have provided a QR code to link kids to projects to do with Arm & Hammer baking soda.  One of the projects is dinosaur eggs.

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Odyssey of the Coach: Week 24

Weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches:

Remember to Have Fun!

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Coaches and team members:

First and foremost, remember that Odyssey of the Mind is more about the journey and less about the destination. Although your team cannot perform at the regional or state tournaments, we’re sure that your team has had many great learning experiences together and lots of fun.

We suggest you keep your props and costumes and hold a “dress rehearsal” for family and friends when schools reopen. Or video a team performance, but please don’t put it on Youtube or social media until the final decision is made about World Finals. Here is their site: https://www.odysseyofthemind.com/healthcare-update/

Please stay safe, healthy and as joyful as you can given the stressful circumstances.

NoVA North Directors & Problem Captains.

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From the Directors

Dear Coaches, Judges, and other members of the Odyssey Family,

As we mentioned yesterday we have been closely monitoring the situation in coordination with FCPS, public health officials and the state Odyssey of the Mind organization. We are all disappointed to announce that at this time we feel it necessary to cancel our tournament for Saturday, March 21st in the interest of public health. Unfortunately, as we do not have a timeline for the return to normal activities, we will be unable to reschedule at this time.

We will provide further information regarding any developments on Monday, March 16th. This situation has been fast moving, and we need some time to regroup and figure out what’s possible given how far we were in preparations for the event. We know that the kids (and you) have put an extraordinary amount of effort in, and we are sincerely disappointed that the tournament will not go on this year.

Thank you,
Michelle O’Brien & David Helfgott, NoVA North Regional Directors
Carolyn Wine & Jessica Hall, NoVA North Tournament Directors

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