NovaNorth Odyssey of the Mind 2020-2021 Update and Survey

Since 2020 is so unlike life as usual, our kickoff to the 2020-2021 Odyssey of the Mind Season is a bit delayed, and a bit different.  We have been holding out hoping to have more clarity to bring you, and hoping this would also allow you some time to settle into the new normal of virtual school.

We have some information, and we are getting more as the International and Virginia state organizations work through more details.  If you’re ready to get started on your problems, memberships are available, for both virtual and in-person tournaments.  As a board, we are looking into all options to provide the most valuable creativity experience we can.  This year, it won’t be a single day with 1000 students in one facility.  We’re expecting our region will be led with a virtual tournament, and depending on the situation and local/state rules by tournament time, we may be able to offer small group scheduled in person structure and vehicle testing.

Since most of the interaction with the tournament is rolled into a single performance and one spontaneous round, even a virtual competition with a video submission doesn’t have to mean a ton of additional screen time if the students can work out how to partner in a socially distant setting, or delegate tasks and make efficient use of online time.

We designed a quick survey to gauge interest and comfort, as safety of the students, coaches, and all the volunteers involved in running our tournament is our primary priority.
The link to the Region 9 survey is here:
The international communications on the new membership offerings (including a virtual membership that no longer requires affiliation with an organized school or group) is here:
A great group of videos explaining Odyssey for newcomers is here:
We will be reviewing the survey responses and setting up an online interest session to share what we know shortly.

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Nova North Teams For Virtual World Finals

Eight NoVA North teams have registered for the Virtual World Finals; they are listed here.

Opening Ceremony is open to all – this Saturday at 7:00 pm EDT.  See for information.

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How To Register For Virtual World Finals

Coaches and teams  – everybody is eligible for the Virtual World Finals!

To participate, start here.

The Virginia State Odyssey of the Mind web site has this “Please read!” piece as well.

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Update For World Finals

At noon today, CCI has announced that 2020 World Finals will be held virtually and that all teams may participate.  Registration and guidelines will be posted next Wednesday 4/1/20, so please check back then at Odyssey of the Mind.

Thanks very much to everyone who has worked so hard to get to this point.  Stay positive and be creative!

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A Message from Odyssey of the Mind

Hi Folks,

We are doing our best to get activities online through both our website and social media to help our families to keep thinking creatively. Folks have a lot of time on their hands and we want to get them involved in various fun projects where they can learn and explore.  We put together a page of at-home learning resources on our website:  It is linked directly on our homepage.

Our new sponsor Arm & Hammer has asked us to please tag them (@armandhammer).  They have provided a QR code to link kids to projects to do with Arm & Hammer baking soda.  One of the projects is dinosaur eggs.

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