Odyssey of the coach: Week 16

Weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches:

Getting back on track

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Tournament Registration Deadline Extended

Tournament registration will remain open for a few more days.  We need to get all teams in the system so that we can begin building the schedule.  If you are still looking for a judge, please register a judge with a name like “Myschool Placeholder” (use something unique to your team) and whatever made-up  information (or your own) is necessary to complete the registration.  Use that judge to register the team.  When you find your actual judge then that person can register and you will need to inform the judges coordinator that your judge has changed, giving the placeholder name and number and the replacement name and number.

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Office Hours for Coaches – January 19

The next on-line Office Hours for coaches is tonight, January 19, at  7:30 pm and will run for an hour.  The link for the meetings is https://meet.google.com/zzu-zruw-dts.  The topic for this week is Iterating, clarifications.

As before, after the presentation Amy will be available for questions.

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Odyssey of the Coach: Week 15

Weekly tips and ideas for Odyssey coaches:

Any stumbling block is a good time for spontaneous practice

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Regional Tournament T-shirts Available

We have t-shirts for the the Regional Tournament!  Order at https://www.novanorth.org/wp/?page_id=8747

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