T-shirt Contest Deadline Extended

Have you tried to submit a t-shirt design and it didn’t get anywhere?  That problem has been fixed so you can try again!  The new deadline is next Monday, December 4.

If you have problems please contact the webmaster.

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Win T-shirts for your team

There is still time to submit an entry  — NoVA North is looking for a fun design for our regional T-shirt!  Anyone can enter, and the prize is free Regional T-shirts for the team of your choice (coaches, too), and to see your design all over the Regional Tournament.  Details can be found here.

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2017 Spontaneous Kits

A new set of spontaneous problems is available for sale.  Each kit consists of instructions and materials for 20 different spontaneous problems, providing examples of the variety of problems that a team might encounter at a tournament.

Nine of these kits are still available at a cost of $20 each on a first-come-first-served basis.  If you are interested, contact the treasurer to arrange payment and pick-up.

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Coaches Training Next Saturday

Coaches Training is coming soon – if you are interested register now before it is too late!  The deadline is midnight on October 18 (Wednesday night).

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T-shirt Contest, Coaches Training, and Spontaneous Kits

Once again we are looking for t-shirt designs for the regional tournament.  Anyone can enter!  Details are here.

Coaches training will be held on Saturday, October 21; see a full description here and register here.

Spontaneous kits will be again be available, with 20 new spontaneous problems and all needed supplies.  They will be sold at coaches training on a first-come-first-served basis; cost will be $20 (cash or check).  Any remaining kits will be available by contacting rd@novanorth.org.

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