A Note From the Tournament Directors

Hello all!

We are so pumped to be hosting our first in-person Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament since 2019 this Saturday, March 25th. Words cannot express how excited we are to see all the teams perform again!

That said, it is also imperative that we act responsibly to best ensure the safety of our many students, parents, coaches, judges, and the many volunteers it takes to run this tournament. For the NoVA North & South Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament, we will be adhering to the CDC Guidelines for COVID isolation and masking found at this link. A few key callouts:

  • If you aren’t feeling well or have a fever, please stay home (this is true for any illness, not just COVID).
  • If you have tested positive for COVID recently, please remember to wear a high-quality mask indoors through day 10 following your positive COVID test or follow CDC guidelines for two negative COVID antigen tests 48 hours apart before removing your mask indoors.

While masking is not required by FCPS, it is important to note that there may be times where minimum physical distancing will be very difficult in hallways, rest rooms, and performance areas, so please use your best judgement in determining whether to mask or not. We include this tidbit as many of our teams and their parents may be new to Odyssey of the Mind and not be used to what tournament day looks like, and we want everyone to feel as prepared and comfortable as possible.

Thank you!

Jessica Hall & Carolyn Wine

Tournament Directors

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