Differences in Spontaneous Competition for 2023

All competitors, please note that two changes to the spontaneous competition may affect your team in this year’s tournament.  
1.   ALL team members (up to 7) are allowed and encouraged to participate in all types of Spontaneous problems.  You are not restricted to 5 participants.  This does not mean that all team members are required to participate, but they will be encouraged to do so.
2.  In verbal problems, teams will continue to be given a limited number of responses, but team members may respond in any order.  The response items, such as tokens, plastic discs, etc., will be scattered in front of the team to start the problem.  When a team member is ready to give a response, they will select an item, place it in a container, and give a response. Individual team members may give as many or as few responses as the team wishes.
If you have questions, please contact the Spontaneous Problem Captain at https://www.novanorth.org/wp/?page_id=129.

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