How do I get approval for the program at my school?

  1. Talk to your principal or school activities coordinator EARLY to see if they are willing to sponsor Odyssey of the Mind at your school.
  2. Let the principal know that you would need to be able to send flyers home with students and possibly hold an informational meeting at the school to promote the program.
  3. Find out if a faculty adviser is required and what rules the school might have in place concerning meeting times and spaces.
  4. Once approval is given for the program and you have developed interest at the school, you can register the school for membership on the International Odyssey of the Mind web site under the school name. The initial school registration will allow the school to have one team per problem per division. If you are going to have more than one team competing in the same problem in the same division, you will need a second team membership, and we see this happening more frequently as interest in Odyssey grows at schools. For more information, see our page on How Memberships Work.

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