For Primary teams, how can the coach keep them from “solving the problem” in their first meeting? Can the coach break the problem-solving into steps for them?

Encourage the team to brainstorm various ideas before settling on a theme; however, there is nothing wrong with the team proceeding with their first idea if they are happy with it. Have them consider if a theme will permit a role or task for each team member to enjoy working on. Ultimately, the team must do what they alone decide.

Possible first meeting activities can include brainstorming random topics for practice; a survey of what each member likes to do or things that they are good at doing; and a practice session on painting, cutting, or gluing paper to make random items that can be saved and “re-purposed” for items needed later. All ideas for items need to come from the team members. Then at the second session, the team members (or coach, if none of the team members can yet read) should read the problem and break it into parts and start the brainstorming sessions for each part, theme, etc.

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