9. With your coaches, encourage them to register for Coaches Training, verify that they register for the Regional Tournament, remind them to check for clarifications throughout the year, and have them check that their teams have completed all of the paperwork required for the tournament.

  • Attend the Coordinators Meeting and encourage your coaches to attend Coaches Training. Both events are held in the fall, and coordinators are invited to attend Coaches Training free of charge. The training is especially important for new coaches, and it will also help you be in the know.
  • Every coach will need to register their team for the Regional Tournament by the deadline in January. You can check our list of registered teams to ensure that all of your teams have completed the tournament registration process.
  • Remind coaches to have their teams check for clarifications on the international Odyssey web site at least once every month and at least once each week in February. Clarifications are just as important as the official long-term problem statements.
  • Remind coaches to ensure that their teams complete all the forms needed for the Regional Tournament (listed in each complete long-term problem statement) and make sure to let parents have all the information they need concerning transportation, logistics, and other competition details.

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