8. Recruit coaches for every team.

Many times coaches are parents of students interested in participating, but try these methods as well:

  • Explain that every team must have a coach. It is also possible to have co-coaches for a team who can share the responsibilities.
  • Send a letter home with students interested in joining, inviting parents to try coaching a team
  • Invite teachers to coach Odyssey—and don’t forget student interns, librarians, and support staff.
  • If your school has a parent/school organization, ask to speak to the group about Odyssey.
  • If your school has an enrichment coordinator, ask him or her for suggestions.
  • If your school has a business partner, ask to speak to that organization.
  • Put Odyssey information in the school newsletter or newspaper asking for help.

Coaches are encouraged to solicit help from team parents to provide snacks each week or even to take on a specific role, such as coaching spontaneous problems regularly.

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