10. Ensure that coaches and teams have the information and support they need each step of the way.

  • Familiarize yourself with the materials included in your Odyssey of the Mind membership packet when it arrives. Make sure your coaches receive copies of the full long-term problem statements! Teams cannot solve their problems based on the synopses alone! Make sure they have a copy of the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide, as well as their registered membership number and a link to the NoVA North web site.
  • If your teams are working at the school, be sure to arrange for use of the school building as necessary. Reserve rooms as soon as possible in the school year. Many teams hold meetings in the house of someone on the team. Wherever they meet, stress to teams and coaches the need to be good guests and clean up their work areas after each meeting.
  • Forward to your coaches all email messages with information they they need.
  • Remind coaches of registration deadlines for judges and volunteers so that the coach can complete team registration on time.

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