2016 Team Tshirts are Available

Team T-shirts are now available!  There are two styles – solid and tie-dye.  Orders can be placed here.

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Division 3 Teams Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Virginia Odyssey of the Mind Association has adopted 
a new policy regarding Division 3 competitors at the Regional level.
Starting this year, both 1st and 2nd place Division 3 teams at the Regional level 
in all problems will advance to the Virginia State Finals tournament.
NoVA North advocated for this change to provide high school teams a broader opportunity 
to enjoy and benefit from the Odyssey program. As always, teams that advance must present 
a solution that is a sincere effort to address the spirit of the problem.

Divisions 1 and 2 will continue to advance only 1st place teams due to constraints on the 
size of the State tournament.

We look forward to seeing your solutions on March 12.

NoVA North

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Important Updates

Tournament Registration is now available!  Please make sure you have all information and your volunteer judge is registered before you start.  More information and a link to the registration process can be found here.

Spontaneous Opportunity –  Master Spontaneous Workshop for coaches on 12 Dec at Park View HS in Sterling.  The cost is $30.  To sign up, email nwregiondirector@gmail.com with the names of the participants.

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Registration Deadline Approaching for Coaches Training — Encouraging Creativity

Registration for the “Encouraging Creativity” training session closes at noon on Saturday, October 31 (Halloween) for coaches and assistant coaches who are foreign nationals. Those with U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status may register until noon on Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day). Please be aware that class rosters must be submitted to The MITRE Corporation® shortly after those deadlines, so we cannot make any exceptions to the cut-off dates and times.
The “Encouraging Creativity” class is an interactive session covering techniques to help teams begin to think more creatively in coming up with their long-term solution and solving roadblocks on the way to the tournament. Techniques learned in this class are also useful in helping teams become better at handling spontaneous challenges.

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Registration Deadline for Welcome to Odyssey

The registration deadline for the first Coaches’ Training session “Welcome to Odyssey of the Mind” is rapidly approaching. New coaches and assistant coaches with US citizenship must register by Thursday at  7 AM; foreign nationals must register no later than 7AM tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 26). Please remember to include your country of citizenship on your registration.
“Welcome to Odyssey of the Mind” is an overview session that provides coaches, assistant coaches and parents with comprehensive information about how the program works, what the teams should be doing between now and March, and the responsibilities of adults involved with teams. It also provides an opportunity for questions and answers.
While the overview provides basic information, it is not interactive. Remaining sessions in the training series provide coaches and assistant coaches with an opportunity to discuss and practice concrete techniques that they can use when working with their teams. These sessions are appropriate for both new and experienced coaches.
Please refer to the Coaches Training Registration page to register. If you have questions about training, you can email them to the training coordinator on the Contact Us page.

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