Order Pizza for Tournament Day!

The Westfield HS Band is delighted to be able to offer concessions during the event. Whole cheese and pepperoni Domino’s pizzas ($12 each) and select items from Chick-Fil-a ($5 each) are being offered for pre-order. Pre-orders must be pre-paid using a credit card. Payments will be securely processed by Stripe.
You may order as a family or put together a single team order. Either way, concessions will be much less crowded at lunchtime if teams select one or two representatives to arrive shortly before your lunchtime to pick up orders for the entire team. Orders will be available 11:30-12:30 on the day of the event. Breakfast items, some fruit, snack items, noodle cups, a limited amount of pizza by the slice and beverages will also be available throughout the day, but we will only be able to accept cash at that time.  You may place your preorder here. Please direct any questions regarding concessions to fundraising@westfieldband.org.  Thank you!

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