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Changes to the Limbo Bar Construction and Problem changes

The Limbo Bar endpoints and bar have been changed by Public Clarification #9:

  1. January 22, 2020

Guidelines for the Balsa Limbo Bar are now available for teams and officials. Actual construction of the bar may vary between tournaments but these guidelines will be consistent.

Construction instructions are here.  For those who have used the Limbo Bar endpoint construction instructions from Region 9, we suggest that you turn the stairstep structures on end and glue the ledges on the 6 ½” long bases at the ½”, 1”, 2”, and 3” height.  You can use the previous limbo bar at the 4” as your cross piece.  This will yield an endpoint that is 6 ½” tall x 1 ½” wide x 4” long.  This image shows one of the stairstep structures ready to have one end of the previous limbo bar attached at the 4″ height.

If you have not made the above, it is recommended that you use these new instructions to build one for your team.

In addition, the 1/2″ limitation is now to be done during the performance, NOT at weigh-in.  This should now be part of the performance.

UPDATE: The procedure for Testing is being changed back to original.  The limbo bar set at 1/2″ will be tested at weigh-in, allowing team the opportunity to make corrections, and not during the performance.

A revised Team Procedure for Testing the Structure should be posted on the Odyssey web site soon.

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