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2019 Registered Teams

Please see below the list of teams that have officially registered for the 2019 NoVA North Regional Tournament. If you have any questions regarding your registration or the tournament, please contact our Tournament Director. More information will be posted on the Regional Tournament event page as it becomes available.

You can click the headers of each column to sort the table in alphabetical or reverse order. You can also use the search field below to filter the entries based on what you type.

Note: Registration information is updated manually, so you will not see your team listed here immediately after you register. It may take a few days. Payment information is updated separately from registration information, so even if you pay online at the time of registration, there may be a delay between when you see your team listed here and when you see the Paid column updated. The registration fee can be paid online or by mailing a check. Click here for payment details or to pay online.

UPDATED 2/1/2019

School/OrganizationProblemDivisionCoachTeam ID#Paid?
WAKEFIELD FOREST ELE SCHOpposites Distract2Anderson1Yes
WESTBRIAR ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryLiu2Yes
WAPLES MILL ELE SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again1Goldstein4Yes
VIENNA ELE SCHOpposites Distract2Javeri6Yes
FROST MIDDLE SCHOOLOpposites Distract2McLaury7Yes
KILMER MID SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again2Chowbey9Yes
WESTBRIAR ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight1Chowbey10Yes
HUNTERS WOODS ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimarySiramdas12Yes
LOUISE ARCHER ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Munoz13Yes
WESTBRIAR ELE SCHStructure Toss2Watkins14Yes
HUNTERS WOODS ELE SCHStructure Toss1Ramadoss16Yes
HUNTERS WOODS ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryRyan20Yes
COOPER MID SCHStructure Toss2Spoto21Yes
GLEN FOREST ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Oukchir23Yes
HUNTERS WOODS ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Duriseti25Yes
SLEEPY HOLLOW ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Beier26Yes
HAYCOCK ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Elders27Yes
WAPLES MILL ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryGoldstein29Yes
WAKEFIELD FOREST ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryLevine30Yes
COOPER MID SCHHide in Plain Sight2Spoto34Yes
SLEEPY HOLLOW ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryKokta35Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHStructure Toss2Bishop36Yes
GLEN FOREST ELE SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again1Monsky40Yes
WESTBRIAR ELE SCHStructure Toss1Mandapati41Yes
COMPASS HOMESCHOOLLeonardo’s Workshop2Shackelford42Yes
LOUISE ARCHER ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Saxena43Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Herr45Yes
CAMELOT ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Edgerton46Yes
LONGFELLOW MID SCHLeonardo’s Workshop2Scudder49Yes
WAKEFIELD FOREST ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight1Kehl50Yes
RACHEL CARSON MID SCHOpposites Distract2Krishnan51Yes
CUNNINGHAM PARK ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryTickle53Yes
HAYCOCK ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Krystopolski56Yes
FOX MILL ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Garcia58Yes
FOX MILL ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Cossio60Yes
CAMELOT ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryEads61Yes
CAMELOT ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryBurns63Yes
COOPER MID SCHLeonardo’s Workshop2Tone66Yes
LANGLEY H SLeonardo’s Workshop3Dallas67Yes
MANTUA ELEMENTARY SCHOOLOpposites Distract1Nasimov68Yes
SPRING HILL ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight1Montie69Yes
CUNNINGHAM PARK ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Cullison70Yes
FOX MILL ELE SCHStructure Toss1Iglesias71Yes
CUNNINGHAM PARK ELE SCHOpposites Distract2Bruno72Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryConde73Yes
CHESTERBROOK ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight1Abraham74Yes
DOLLEY MADISON LIBRARYLeonardo’s Workshop2Abraham75Yes
GLEN FOREST ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Behpou81Yes
CHESTERBROOK ELE SCHStructure Toss1Zaidi86Yes
PARKLAWN ELEMENTARY SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again1D'Cruz88Yes
PARKLAWN ELEMENTARY SCHOpposites Distract1Torres89Yes
PARKLAWN ELEMENTARY SCHHide in Plain Sight1Fink90Yes
FOX MILL ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Norris92Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Stefanik93Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryLaskowski94Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryHanzlik95Yes
CUNNINGHAM PARK ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryJones96Yes
LANGLEY H SHide in Plain Sight3George98Yes
COLVIN RUN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLMuseum MakersPrimaryVirani100Yes
COLVIN RUN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLHide in Plain Sight1Hussain102Yes
FORESTVILLE ELE SCHStructure Toss1Tivare103Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryLay104Yes
FROST MIDDLE SCHOOLLeonardo’s Workshop2Henderson105Yes
CUNNINGHAM PARK ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Krupnick106Yes
WESTBRIAR ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Garver107Yes
WAPLES MILL ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryKoradia108Yes
RACHEL CARSON MID SCHLeonardo’s Workshop2Peterkin109Yes
ARMSTRONG ELEMENTARY SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again2Geissler110Yes
FORESTVILLE ELE SCHOmer to the Rescue, Again1Elferrane113Yes
BELVEDERE ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Aylward114Yes
SUNRISE VALLEY ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Petinaux115Yes
SOUTH LAKES H SOmer to the Rescue, Again3Wagner116Yes
SUNRISE VALLEY ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop2Petinaux117Yes
FOX MILL ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryDrucker118
SOUTH LAKES H SLeonardo’s Workshop3Wagner119Yes
BASIS INDEPENDENT MCLEANLeonardo’s Workshop3Hight120Yes
RACHEL CARSON MID SCHHide in Plain Sight2Natarajan123Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimarydanewitz124Yes
VIENNA ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryDhanjal126Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop2Iyer127Yes
GLASGOW MID SCHHide in Plain Sight2Melia128Yes
FORESTVILLE ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight2Dergachev130Yes
VIENNA ELE SCHStructure Toss1Thoma131Yes
VIENNA ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryPatel132Yes
WAKEFIELD FOREST ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Fay133Yes
HAYCOCK ELE SCHHide in Plain Sight1Arnholt134Yes
CAMELOT ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimarySteider135Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryThomas136Yes
HAYCOCK ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Kelley137
LOUISE ARCHER ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryFlynn138Yes
WESTMINSTER SCHOOLLeonardo’s Workshop1Abdi139Yes
WESTMINSTER SCHOOLHide in Plain Sight1Bridges140Yes
CAMELOT ELE SCHLeonardo’s Workshop1Marks143Yes
WOLFTRAP ELE SCHMuseum MakersPrimaryMonahan145Yes
BAILEY'S ELE SCHOpposites Distract1Atwa146Yes
LOUISE ARCHER ELE SCHStructure Toss2Cai147Yes
IDEAVENTIONS ACAD FOR MATH/SCIHide in Plain Sight2Ciupek149Yes

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