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2018 Regional Tournament Results

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed at our 2018 Regional Tournament!  The final results for all problems are shown here.  All first-place teams are invited to compete at the Virginia State Tournament in April, as well as second-place teams in Division 3 and Renatra Fusca Award winners .

We presented 2 special awards at the Closing Ceremonies. The Ranatra Fusca Award represents the essence of Odyssey of the Mind and is presented to teams or individuals who exhibit exceptional creativity. The OMER’s Award is presented to teams or individuals who particularly exemplify the spirit and philosophy of the Odyssey program, demonstrate exceptional skill or talent, or exhibit outstanding sportsmanship or teamwork. Here are the full announcements for those awards:

Omer’s award – Nova North Tournament Director

Every team, judge and volunteer was affected by the postponement and rescheduling of this tournament, but there is only one person who knows exactly how every one of those people was effected. Because she saw and responded to every email and phone call. And scoured Northern Virginia to find a place to have the tournament. And worked with teams to change schedules. And found new judges and volunteers to replace those who couldn’t make it today. Through almost superhuman efforts and round the clock dedication this person made it possible for over 100 teams to compete today. For an outstanding demonstration of the Spirit of Odyssey this OMER goes to Jessica Hall.

Ranatra Fusca Award – Chesterbrook Elementary School Team B, Triathlon Travels, Division 2

This team created a vehicle that incorporated unique and creative engineering, design, and style elements that solved the trifecta of triathlon challenges in a single multifunctional design. To solve the propulsion challenge, the team attached a handmade hand ratchet mechanism using wooden pallets fastened to wheel spokes that were engaged by a pivoting wooden lever. This enabled the team member to drive the vehicle forward or in reverse and, by varying the torque applied to the lever to change direction and speed.

In addition, the vehicle was designed to track straight forward or vary direction by flipping it lengthwise either on its back or front to rest on swivels or fixed direction wheels. This enabled the vehicle to easily tackle the jousting or sweeping challenge with a simple but effective flip.

Style wise, the vehicle incorporated swiveling teeth on the front that revealed cavities, healthy teeth, or a gold crown in keeping with the solution’s story line. The solution demonstrates the unique application and combination of technical and style elements in one package that provided a single elegant solution to a complex problem. This award, and an invitation to the state tournament, goes to Division 2 Team B from Chesterbrook Elementary School.

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