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NoVA North T-Shirt Design Contest

You are invited to design the T-shirt for the 2020 NoVA North Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament!

The team associated with the winning design will receive free T-shirts for all team members and, of course,
have the privilege of seeing your design on hundreds of T-shirts worn on the day of the
competition. The contest is open to everyone associated with a team. Coaches, parents,
siblings, neighbors, teams or individuals are all invited to submit ideas!

The winning entry will:
Be creative
Celebrate Odyssey of the Mind
Be fun to wear

All entries must be received by December 1, 2019 by email or hardcopy.

All entries become the property of the NoVA North Region and we reserve the right to modify.   A graphic artist will review and edit the design in preparation for printing.   Minor changes (such as font or
design complexity) that affect cost and quality of the finished shirt may be made.

The team and coaches associated with the winning entry will receive free t-shirts.


1. The final design will be sized to fit within approximately a 12”x12” square or circle. Your
design should be up to four colors on a contrasting background and provided to us electronically or
hardcopy. The artist will resize it appropriately to fit on T-shirts. The design need not be square
or round, but it will be placed within that space on the front of the shirt.

2. No copyrighted material may be used. The only exception is if you use OMER the raccoon
mascot from the CCI web site. The acronym “OM” is allowed only if it applies directly to OMER.

3. If you choose to design the shirt around this year’s problems, you must include ALL the
problems (Primary as well).

4. Think creatively and have fun. We will look for a design that people will enjoy wearing.

5. Designs can be done by hand or using a computer.

6. Hardcopy submissions must be on plain white paper.

Please submit entries to:
NoVA North Region
Attn: T-shirt Design
PO Box 493
Oakton, VA 22124

Design entries may also be emailed; contact the T-Shirt Contest Coordinator for an address.

Deadline: December 1, 2019 (Entries must be received by surface mail or email by this date.)

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