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2014 Registered Teams

Please see below the list of teams that have officially registered for the 2014 NoVA North Regional Tournament. If you have any questions regarding your registration or the tournament, please contact our Tournament Director. More information will be posted on the Regional Tournament event page as it becomes available.

You can click the headers of each column to sort the table in alphabetical or reverse order. You can also use the search field below to filter the entries based on what you type.

Note: Registration information is updated manually, so you will not see your team listed here immediately after you register. It may take a couple days. Payment information is updated separately from registration information, so even if you pay online at the time of registration, there may be a delay between when you see your team listed here and when you see the Paid column updated. The registration fee can be paid online or by mailing a check. Click here for payment details or to pay online.

UPDATED 1/25/14

School/OrganizationProblemDivisionCoachTeam ID#Paid?
Thomas Jefferson High Sci & TechDriver's Test3Singh114Yes

Rachel Carson MiddleSeeing is Believing2Girish213Yes
Pinnacle AcademySeeing is Believing1Gulsen182Yes
Pinnacle AcademyThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryAdiyaman179Yes
Wolftrap ElementaryDriver's Test1Gowda127Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Sastry117Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Eggert116Yes
Navy ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryDougherty111Yes
Hunters Woods ElementarySeeing is Believing1Briden108Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryKeromytis104Yes
Belvedere ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Force47Yes
Frost MiddleThe Not-So-Haunted House2Vonasek35Yes
Armstrong ElementaryThe Stackable Structure2Geissler280Yes
Spring Hill ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryStewart278Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryDriver's Test2Jindal277Yes
Al Fatih AcademyThe World's First Art FestivalPrimarySalih276Yes
Forest Edge ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Dillard275Yes
Terraset ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Boatwright274Yes
Al Fatih AcademyThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryMalik273Yes
Fox Mill ElementarySeeing is Believing1O'Shaughnessy272Yes
Rachel Carson MiddleThe Stackable Structure2Taori271Yes
Kilmer MiddleDriver's Test2Mehta270Yes
Al Fatih AcademySeeing is Believing2Hussam269Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryNatarajan267Yes
Oakton ElementarySeeing is Believing1Saadat266Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryDriver's Test1Bedi264Yes
Luther Jackson MiddleSeeing is Believing2Bligh263Yes
Armstrong ElementaryDriver's Test1Williams262Yes
Armstrong ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Williams261Yes
Spring Hill ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Montie259Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryWoler258Yes
Pine Spring ElementarySeeing is Believing2Rosier257Yes
Sunrise Valley ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Gill255Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryKant254Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Glenn253Yes
Armstrong ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCastagna252Yes
Waples Mill ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Singh250Yes
Spring Hill ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryGuo249Yes
Mason Crest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCuff247Yes
Terraset ElementaryDriver's Test1Boswell246Yes
Camelot ElementaryDriver's Test2Goldfarb245Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Donis244Yes
Forestville ElementaryDriver's Test2Phan243Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Schaeffer242Yes
Hunters Woods ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Shah241Yes
Navy ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryDas240Yes
Hunters Woods ElementaryIt's How We Rule2Shah239Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryThai237Yes
Al Fatih AcademyIt's How We Rule1Mir236Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Rose235Yes
Mason Crest ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Miracle234Yes
Waples Mill ElementarySeeing is Believing1Joshi233Yes
Haycock ElementaryDriver's Test1Pinkston232Yes
Potomac SchoolIt's How We Rule2Webster231Yes
Waples Mill ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Srinivasan230Yes
Pinecrest SchoolIt's How We Rule2Berestecki228Yes
Bailey's ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryTirona-Obias227Yes
Luther Jackson MiddleThe Not-So-Haunted House2Webb226Yes
Forestville ElementarySeeing is Believing1Amspaugh225Yes
Potomac SchoolIt's How We Rule1Webster223Yes
Pine Spring ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimarySumma222Yes
Oakton ElementaryDriver's Test1Baroudi221Yes
Bailey's ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Siodlarz220Yes
Mason Crest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryAdye219Yes
Frost MiddleIt's How We Rule3Kane218Yes
Pine Spring ElementarySeeing is Believing1Webb217Yes
Mosby Woods ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Malaveetil215Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryDriver's Test1Hoyos214Yes
Bailey's ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryLaufer212Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCarlson211Yes
Lake Anne ElementarySeeing is Believing1Larne210Yes
Frost MiddleSeeing is Believing3Lichter207Yes
South Lakes HighIt's How We Rule3Bhandari206Yes
Mason Crest ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1DeMent205Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryFickes203Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryDriver's Test1Hinton202Yes
Bailey's ElementaryDriver's Test1Perz-Waddington201Yes
Oakton ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Visaggio199Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Najjar198Yes
Kent Gardens ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Hinton197Yes
Oakton ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Astell196Yes
Oakton ElementarySeeing is Believing1Reid195Yes
Kent Gardens ElementarySeeing is Believing1Disharoon194Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryDriver's Test1Connell193Yes
Kent Gardens ElementarySeeing is Believing2Disharoon192Yes
Longfellow MiddleSeeing is Believing2Scudder190Yes
Langley SchoolThe Not-So-Haunted House2Musgrove188Yes
Langley SchoolSeeing is Believing2Musgrove187Yes
Spring Hill ElementaryDriver's Test2Montie186Yes
Langley SchoolThe Stackable Structure2Musgrove185Yes
Pinnacle AcademySeeing is Believing2Trimner183Yes
Haycock ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Hoadley181Yes
Forest Edge ElementarySeeing is Believing1Castagna180Yes
Terraset ElementarySeeing is Believing1Johnson178Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Hensley176Yes
Navy ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Coleman175Yes
Louise Archer ElementaryDriver's Test1Iyer173Yes
Navy ElementaryDriver's Test1Rachakonda172Yes
Thomas Jefferson High Sci & TechSeeing is Believing3Agarwal171Yes
Belvedere ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Chappell170Yes
Spring Hill ElementarySeeing is Believing1Montie169Yes
Oakton HighThe Not-So-Haunted House3George167Yes
Forestville ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Wootton166Yes
Forest Edge ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Geary165Yes
Spring Hill ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCarter164Yes
Mason Crest ElementaryDriver's Test1Huynh163Yes
Navy ElementarySeeing is Believing1Shen162Yes
Vienna ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryZara160Yes
Forestville ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House2Freund159Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Boyce158Yes
Edlin SchoolThe Stackable Structure1Khan157Yes
Forestville ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Stjohn156Yes
Beech Tree ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryRedding155Yes
Camelot ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimarySteider154Yes
Marshall Road ElementaryDriver's Test2Baumstark152Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Zubairi151Yes
Beech Tree ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Coates150Yes
Canterbury Woods ElementaryIt's How We Rule2Kokkinis149Yes
Louise Archer ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryGraves145Yes
Thomas Jefferson High Sci & TechThe Stackable Structure3Venkatesh143Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryFlavin141Yes
Louise Archer ElementaryDriver's Test2Nawlakhe140Yes
Hughes MiddleIt's How We Rule2Meade139Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryBerg138Yes
Navy ElementaryDriver's Test1Ashok137Yes
Al Fatih AcademyIt's How We Rule1Nek136Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryDriver's Test1Kim135Yes
Canterbury Woods ElementaryDriver's Test1Williams134Yes
Forestville ElementaryIt's How We Rule1LeLoup131Yes
Forestville ElementarySeeing is Believing2LeLoup129Yes
Terraset ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Michlik126Yes
Kilmer MiddleThe Not-So-Haunted House2Pane125Yes
Forestville ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCarr120Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryHenderson119Yes
Luther Jackson MiddleIt's How We Rule2Pacheco118Yes
Marshall Road ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Zimmerman113Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryChampagne112Yes
Hunters Woods ElementaryDriver's Test1Parekh109Yes
Forest Edge ElementarySeeing is Believing2Mravlja107Yes
Forestville ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Silvestri106Yes
Forestville ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Spoto105Yes
Rachel Carson MiddleThe Not-So-Haunted House2Peterkin102Yes
Rachel Carson MiddleIt's How We Rule2Chennamaraja101Yes
Capital Baptist HomeschoolThe Not-So-Haunted House2Thompson98Yes
Capital Baptist HomeschoolDriver's Test1Argauer97Yes
Navy ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House2Ransom96Yes
Canterbury Woods ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Kessler94Yes
Herndon Reston HomeschoolersDriver's Test2Ullah91Yes
Herndon Reston HomeschoolersIt's How We Rule2Mctigue90Yes
Herndon Reston HomeschoolersSeeing is Believing2Hussain89Yes
Forest Edge ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryPeters88Yes
Canterbury Woods ElementaryDriver's Test1Lindquist86Yes
Wolftrap ElementaryIt's How We Rule2Stefanik85Yes
Wolftrap ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryStefanik84Yes
Wolftrap ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Iyer82Yes
Sunrise Valley ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Li80Yes
Navy ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Yang78Yes
Hunters Woods ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Katiyar77Yes
Fox Mill ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryHallman76Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryMaxey75Yes
Forest Edge ElementaryThe Stackable Structure1Gray74Yes
Emmanuel Lutheran ChurchDriver's Test2Scyrkels73Yes
Academy of Christian EducationThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryKim72Yes
Navy ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Ramanath71Yes
Belvedere ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Okane70Yes
Forest Edge ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House2Viswanathan68Yes
Belvedere ElementarySeeing is Believing1Inkpen66Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryAkhavan-Aryavand65Yes
Belvedere ElementaryDriver's Test1Lamb64Yes
Academy of Christian EducationThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryCovert61Yes
Rachel Carson MiddleDriver's Test2Kothari60Yes
Fox Mill ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Wagner59Yes
Westbriar ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Wedding56Yes
Mosby Woods ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Sundararaman55Yes
Westbriar ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryPrabhu54Yes
Belvedere ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryRose53Yes
Fox Mill ElementaryThe Not-So-Haunted House1Kappadath52Yes
Academy of Christian EducationThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryNiles49Yes
Westbriar ElementaryDriver's Test1Hossein46Yes
Mantua ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Dittmann44Yes
Lake Anne ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Lotter43Yes
Forestville ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Chklovskii42Yes
Colvin Run ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryWang41Yes
Academy of Christian EducationThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryBhagat38Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryThe World's First Art FestivalPrimaryGrannis37Yes
Hunters Woods ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Kalipatnapu36Yes
Hunters Woods ElementarySeeing is Believing1Chennamaraja33Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryDriver's Test1Cassata31Yes
Wakefield Forest ElementaryIt's How We Rule1Hurlebaus28Yes
Thomas Jefferson High Sci & TechDriver's Test3Patel260Yes
Westminster SchoolSeeing is Believing2Morrison251
Westminster SchoolSeeing is Believing1Shah248

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