Tournament Status Update

Hello all!

As you can imagine, it’s been a stressful day as we’ve been monitoring the weather and the situation with Fairfax County Schools. Just when we thought we were in the clear to run the tournament at the planned start time, we received an update letting us know that the schools will remain closed until 12 noon tomorrow, with an additional update planned at 11 am.

At this time, we will still be running the tournament. Please add 5 hours to your scheduled start-time to obtain your new start-time (for both Long Term and Spontaneous). For example, if you were to start a performance at 8:30 am, your new start time will be 1:30 pm. We are feverishly working to get an updated schedule posted to our site, but please plan to start 5 hours later than originally planned. Should FCPS decide, at 11 am or before, that they will not be opening the schools for the day, we will provide an additional update as quickly as we can. If the district decides that they will not be opening the schools tomorrow, we will have to cancel the tournament in its current form and figure out a plan C.

We will run the tournament through the evening, and we expect the last teams to be finished performing at about 8 pm. Because of this, we will not be holding a closing ceremony but we will post the winners to our website.

I understand this may cause some concerns, and please know that if we had any other option, we would explore it. It takes about a year to plan a tournament, with that much lead time needed to find a suitable site in FCPS. We know that all of our teams have worked so hard, and we’re trying to do the best we can to allow our teams to compete.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

~NoVA North Board


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