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Welcome to the NoVA North Region 9 & 12 2022-2023 Odyssey of the Mind Judges Registration.

Thank you for volunteering to be a judge at our regional tournament.

If you will not be judging at this tournament (at Oakton High School), but need the training for another tournament, we will gladly accommodate you, but please do not complete this registration process.  Instead, please contact the Region 9 & 12 judges coordinator using our Contact Us page and provide your name and the region for which you will be judging.

Because of the important role that our judges play in making such an event happen, it is imperative that each judge understand his or her responsibilities before signing up.  For this reason, we are asking each judge to agree to the information below before signing up.  Thanks and welcome aboard!


I understand that by submitting this registration form I am committing to be at the following two events:

I understand that:

If you do not meet these requirements but still want to help, please contact our Regional Director through our Contact Us page.

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